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Born into one of Canada's top reining families, Shawna Sapergia has been riding since childhood. Her father Vern, and her mother Molly, helped guide the youngest family member towards success by instilling in her a strong work ethic and tireless dedication to equine athletes.

Sapergia began competing on the Quarter Horse circuits across Canada in a variety of disciplines fron Trail and Barrels to Western Pleasure and Showmanship. One particular event drew her attention and as she entered young adulthood, she began to focus solely on the sport of Reining.

The athleticism and finesse of the reining horse appealed to Sapergia and soon after attending Medicine Hat College, the young trainer began to make her mark on the Canadian reining scene. To date her earnings have surpassed $277,000 NRHA earnings and she has been one of the longest standing Team Canada Reining members, having qualified for the team in 2001, 2002, 2006, 2010.                           

                                    credits: Heather Cook

Shawna Sapergia Reining Horses
Alexander Scott Mike Scott & Shawna Sapergia
FEI World Reining masters Shawna Sapergia
BL Whiz Kid & Shawna at FEI World Reining Masters Denver Colorado Bronze Medalist

Dr. Mike Scott DVM, MVSc, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons is a Large Animal Surgeon Specialist at Moore & Co Veterinary Clinic as well as a partner in the practice. Moore & Company's Veterinary facility is located in Balzac Alberta, which is just north of Calgary. Dr. Scott's devotion to his career along with consistently improving his knowledge and techniques are directly related to his loyal and honest personality. His areas of interest include equine surgery, lameness diagnosis, sports medicine and advanced diagnostic imaging methods including nuclear scientigraphy. Click on the link to read this educational article written by Dr. Mike Scott Sore Hocks


Mike and Shawn's passion for equine athletes is just one of many similarities they share. Their fascination for the outdoors goes far beyond sight seeing. Whenever feasible on summer weekends you can find Mike and Shawna hanging from the precipitous slopes of the Rocky Mountains enjoying the peace and quite of nature as they "rock climb" Or during the winter months perhaps find them in the back country enjoying the fresh powder while out for a weekend of "back country skiing".



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